E-Learning Content is King

February 17, 2017
Written By John Lai

When implementing a new Learning Management System (LMS), an organization will naturally focus on functionality and integration. Often times, an organization considers the e-learning content last. The convenience that comes from producing SCORM or Tin Can compliant e-learning content can distort an organization's belief that a new LMS will improve content accessibility. This isn't always the case since content accessibility can be dicated by the content itself.

Here are points to consider to improve the accessibility (and quality) of e-learning content in a modern LMS:

  • responsive design - improve user experience on a wider range of screen resolutions
  • web content accessbility guidelines - follow WCAG practices to improve accessibility for people of all abilities
  • modern technology - upgrade material produced in older technologies such as flash, java, etc... to a consistent set of modern technologies (eg. HTML, CSS)

Remember that for the user, the line between the LMS and the content is almost indistinguishable. Their interactions with the course are going to influence their perception of the entire LMS solution. So don't forget to review and upgrade your e-learning content!