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Canadian Credit Union Association

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The Case

The Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) provides key services to credit unions in Canada. One of the key services that CCUA provides is training and development to employees of credit unions. Historically, staff of credit unions enrolled in online learning curriculums served by CCUA’s Learning Management System (LMS). (An LMS is a platform that allows individuals to take part in online curriculums, access learning material and complete exercises and examinations.) But as the number credit unions in Canada grew, and as technology became more accessible, some credit unions implemented their own in-house LMS to administer training programs complementary to those found in the CCUA LMS solution.


CCUA recognized a new problem: credit unions in Canada that have their own LMS did not interoperate with the CCUA’s LMS. This meant these credit unions could not easily leverage the learning material and courses found in the CCUA’s LMS.

The Solution

In November 2016, Evermight leveraged its long-standing knowledge of the CCUA’s business, customers, and technology to propose a solution: build a web service API that allows any credit union to consume information directly from the CCUA’s LMS. With this new web service API, credit unions can connect their LMS with the CCUA’s LMS and provide a seamless learning experience for its staff. Evermight began development of the web service API in December 2016 by extending the capabilities of CCUA’s LMS software. Evermight provided the CCUA management team with weekly progress updates. Evermight launched the project on schedule in February 2017.

The Result

Evermight presented the API solution to numerous credit unions across Canada eager to begin integration. Evermight is currently arranging plans to assist with integration between the CCUA's LMS and credit union LMSs.