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Optix is an international video production company that works with international brands and major movie production studios. They have several offices around the world: Optix Hamburg http://optixhamburg.de, Optix Berlin http://optixberlin. de, Optix Dubai http://optixdubai.ae and Egg Plant Pictures http://eggplantpictures.com (formerly Optix Toronto, but now a separate company in which we are developing a new website for). Our team offered web development services to help the Optix team implement their interactive concepts as a new website using the latest technologies (eg. more interactive javascript, responsive design, css3 rules, and graceful backwards compatibility for browsers that do not support these technologies).


  • • CMS development
  • • HTML, CSS, Javascript development
  • • developing custom movie player that integrates with Vimeo
  • • training and support


Optix has been tremendously happy with their website since its launch in the summer of 2013. The customers of Optix frequently use the playlist tool to share their video curations with other people and businesses. The Optix staff also have the ability to demonstrate the company’s work via mobile devices which is made possible by the site’s responsive design.


Interesting Notes

Our team continues to enjoy working with Optix, particularly when consulting on web development best practices. The Optix team consists of creative designers and interactive designers whom are experts in the field of video production. The creative and interactive team had a strong influence in the creative direction of the current website which launched in summer of 2013. This meant our team spent considerable time informing their designers on the capabilities, limits and consequences of particular web technologies and industry approach to web design. Many of the interactive features that currently exist on the website were difficult to implement and stabilize across various platforms during development in early 2013. For example, features such as parallax scrolling, HTML5 history, web video playback on mobile, CSS3 fonts on mobile were relatively new features that required graceful fallback for older browsers. Our team enjoyed the challenge of pushing the limits of technologies to help the client deliver a message that clearly reflects their organization.