St. Michael's Hospital

St. Michael's Hospital

The Case

Dr. Catherine Yu is an endocrinologist at St. Michael’s Hospital. Alongside her clinical practice, she devotes time to developing innovative strategies for professional development in the medical sector. Dr. Yu reached out to Evermight to explore the possibility of creating a simulation software that would allow researchers to study diabetic ketoacidosis. Diabetic Ketoacidosis is a serious form of diabetes that is difficult to study because of its rare occurrence. A software that simulates patient vital signs as the patient reacts to different combinations of treatment over time will give researchers more opportunity to study this rare complication.

The Solution

Dr. Yu shared some of her extensive research on diabetic ketoacidosis with Evermight. We specifically studied the mathematical models that describe how different combinations of treatment affects a patient’s vital signs. We concluded it was possible to translate the diabetic ketoacidosis models into a web-based simulation software. We began work on a software that supported the following features:

  • Simulation can model and record a patient’s vital signs every minute as it responds to medical treatments
  • Simulation can scroll back in time and apply different treatment
  • Simulation can fast-forward time to see future results
  • Administrators can define multiple case studies where the patient in each case study starts different initial conditions and different diabetic ketoacidosis complications
  • Software can issue a graded report and detailed commentary to a user based on his/her performance in a situation

The Result

We completed the medical simulation software after four months of implementation. Dr. Yu and her associates have been extremely happy with the results and have incorporated the simulation software into course curriculum for their medical trainees. Medical trainees run hundreds of simulations each semester to improve their knowledge of diabetic ketoacidosis.

Other researchers have since asked Evermight for simulation software that models different medical conditions. We look forward to more opportunities to help medical professionals further their research!